The Mark we Leave

Early spring, buds are forming on trees not yet at the point they are ready to open.  Looking through the branches you can see the blueness of the sky and the big fluffy white clouds.  The sun shines bright and the air has that freshness early in the season tends to have when nature is starting to awaken.

The rebirth we all live for, like all new beginnings make us relish youth, newness and organization.  At least for me.  The awaking of spring sings to me, calls me to.  Perhaps that is why I love birds, spring flowers, the new buds and leaflets on the trees and planting a garden. I look for those signs of life, love drawing it to me.  You can see that it also affects others, more people are out, and its as life is started to be lived again.

My hope is one day not too far off, to have a honey bee hive and wild flowers for them to collect nectar and of course for me to enjoy! I also want as many birds, wildlife and butterflies around me as possible.  I love knowing I have the ability to create and draw live to me.  It feels so positive and makes me feel wakened.

I have come to believe we have a natural rhythm, aura we send out.  It is our way of connecting with the world, it is what we are drawn to.  I see that in what kind of music I listen to, my desire to good in the world, the work I do with the population I do and how I chose to spend my free time.

I like using my energy to genuinely put out good in the world.  I like making other people feel good.  I am pretty sure because I would have liked it done for me.  I see the world and the beauty and the beauty of people, can sense when they are good and pick up on things.  If I can use my skills to help another person, I’ll do it.  Beside it is self rewarding.  Any time you do something good for someone else it makes you feel good.  Any time you do something that brings you happiness and joy it gives back to you.  However that isn’t my goal, my goal is to let others know they matter and someone notices and be the change I want to feel from others.

I recently purchased two pair of new New Balance shoes.  One pair they had in the store, but the second wasn’t released yet.  I loved the color that had yet to be released, and the sales associate saw they were in my size and requested them for me.  They were a lovely blue and I had to have them.  I got them last night.  This associate didn’t need to do what she did but she did.  I have been going this same store for 15 years at least and have liked the service I have received there.  But this associate stood out on so many levels.  So today, I called the store and asked for the manager, and when she got on I said don’t worry this is good.  I proceeded to tell her how much I appreciated the service and how the associate went out of her way.  I further told her she was the type of person that made other people feel that not only were they important, but they mattered.  I finally said, this associate did her job and did it well.  She had no idea what affect she ultimately had on me and how she changed my day by being who she was. In the 15 plus years this if the first time I let the store they had such an exceptional an employee, and she deserved to acknowledge.

The experience we take in and the impressions life leaves on us (no pun intended) not only helps us grow as individuals, but teaches us if we are willing to see and learn we can.  What we take in has the power to transform us and do good in the world.  Every spring I see a new beginnings and purpose in my life.  I look at the buds and the flowers poking through, the birds coming back and hope this new start will deepen my resolve and my purpose in this world.

I wish people were as pure as nature feels to me.  I know I cannot change that, but I can change how I interact with the world and how I choose to see it. I deeply hope I am part of the change the world needs and I leave a positive mark on the world

Thank you.