May you Smile

Overnight a quenching rain fell, with boughts of thunder and lightning, cooling down the temperatures left by the intensely hot day. As the rain fell, a heaviness filled the air as the humidity began to rise, leaving a laden layer of wetness saturating everything in observable view. Creak bottoms running with the collect rain, rivers at their banks, and the sky covered in grey clouds, residuals of the storms that passed through the area while we slept.

Every tree in bloom, lush spring grass and flowers galore, a calm and uplifting feeling. New growth awakens a since of peacefulness and possibility while the sweet scents quiet my soul, relaxing me to an almost meditative state. The heaviness do to all the humidity in the air and grey cloud cover in no way dissipated the warmth of the day, especially common this time of year. Pokes of sun, an intermediate breeze, an unremarkable, remarkable day.

A symphony of birds, a plethora of dandelions, an awakening of the empirical senses; the psychological capacity for perception, especially this time of year becomes more like an aphrodisiac. Spring, the rebirth of active life, our planets life blood, all from the rain, sun and warmth. I feel tranquil, and motivated along with purpose.

I am awake, I am alive, I feel connected. Nature you are who I seek and need always.


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