With Time

With a passing though, and a deep slow breath

I momentarily close my eyes, to shove (away) the sorrow in my heart

cutting off my feelings to stop tears before they form

Memories of what was, painfully reignite what has come to passed

I strive to move ahead, attempting to leave memories of you behind

shutting off my mind to the pain that’s called the shots


Looking back to times and feeling it in my heart

never were you tethered child, nor counted me worthy of a bond

I know it matters none to you, as you crossed me out

took my name of mother to leave me a blacken mark

I was honest, open and sincere, would never make you choose

yet in the end it mattered less,  I was the piece removed


Sitting in the quiet, as nature played its melodious hum

with an empty static rumination, my mind did drift

internally and emotionally,  a methodically mode of healing

Both mindless and therapeutic, and essential to have achieved

In many ways I’ve let go and accept what has come to pass


In the interim as the transtion is a go, time has a way to heal

Memories fad the past loses hold, you move from to to fro

You need not worry child you have made your choice

I remove my voice from your narrative, showing respect and care

Both our lives will go on by separated paths

Inchoate in nature but I will stay par the course,  my faculties in tow



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