Your Whispers

Are all but silent

Your actions

Have clearly spoke

The lies you told

Have penetrated,


leaving gapping holes

Once I said

I’d always be there

No matter what it took

I would be your savior

Help you though the dark

In the wake of my sorrow

You caused and co-created

You diabolically

Plunged and twisted


“mother” as my name

I am letting go completely

As if you were never mine

It is what you caused

And chose by your design

Don’t worry

I will follow suit

To the letter of the law

Its what you both outlined

When you fought to take me out

I won’t cross your line

Your blackened deep mark

The death of where I died

somewhere in your heart

There’s no going back

Only moving on

None of this

Was what I wanted

it’s you

Who called the shots


Adjusting to the name change

Having been removed

but it’s you who

Needs to live

With the repercussions

Of what you do


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