As it Comes

You cannot compromise on weather or stop the rain from falling. Complaining about the rain, and how much you hate it won’t change it, or for that matter help you in any way deal with it. There is much of life that complaining does little for, but to increase your misery and distain and make you sound, well unhappy.

The sound of rain hitting the windshield is relaxing. The splash of rain bouncing off the rear tires on the vehicles in front of me as the raindrops spray off hit the pavement, causes an almost fog like appearance. A dreary day, that feels as if it should slow down as much as I feel relaxed.

Yes calm and relaxed and not unhappy in the least bit about the weather. Just like my life, it is what it is. Not much I can do but move forward, focusing on me, and what I want out of life. I’m still working on finding out what I want as it has changed unexpectedly so much, but is see so much I want to try.

I have always been an individual, but now I feel like one because I’m in another plane of existence. No longer am I needed in the same capacity as a mother by my two daughters. I find my potential as a person is something I must embrace as I find my way. I am not interested in having control, just being happy and loving who I am as I grow from my experiences. I plan on trying many new things!

Like the weather, I cannot control what is, just work on accepting and finding my way. It is what is, and I am embracing me, just like the rain, as it comes.


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