An Extravagant Loss

An Extravagant Loss

In the recesses of my mind

And the longing in my heart

Fears I’ve left behind

And hurts I have not

I fight to let go

I push to carry on

There are perils I (must) face

As with any loss

Steps I continually ascend

And landings I’ll cross

Eyes, open wide

I see and feel too deep

To the depths of my soul

Any breathes I do breathe

I’m in ready mode

Reeling from your games

Childish I may have been

What I carelessly display

Heightened reactions

Dynamic must NOW change!

I have to let go

Thinking any fairness exists

Telling lies, weaving webs

You don’t consider those risks

It’s a way of life

The monster you are

Void of real emotion

Any subconscious constraints

Truly …by far

Blood courses through my veins

Sorrow pours out my heart

My skin crawls when you are near

Intuition tells me to run

Run out of here


How can I be, the only one

Who sees who you are?

Because no one else has done…

A weaver of lies

And deplorable ways

You find a means to an end

And ride out the waves

As I see it now

Well, I had hoped

Truth would have meaning,

carry some clout

Hard work, honesty, who would doubt?

In the end, being kind

Loving, and showing care

Means nothing

absolutely nothing

With sticky webs of deceit

Your propaganda comes through

Triangulation and (other) deplorable ways

No one will stop you

Cuz you talk a good game

You’ll lie and conceal

Hide the truth at all costs

It’s all about winning and

The blame game, boss

While someone like me

Suffers the most

I’m honest open

Now beaten through

With a lineage of deplorable things from you


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