This Christmas

I close my eyes

To take in

The elegance of our tree

No longer is it put up

As it’s only me

Two are away at school

The third, well

she’s no longer in my life

If I could go to sleep

And let Christmas just past by

I’m sure I would suffer less

Perhaps make some strides

To overcome what was done

To me, instead of always crying

I ask myself this question

Quiet an awful lot;

What purpose do I serve

In general, for I know not

My youngest hurt me deeply

Her sisters cry in pain

The betrayal

that was done to me

I don’t understand her plan

All that makes sense To me, is she never loved or caredInstead of talking to me

She made a master plan

Take away, so I have no say,

By lies, and manipulation

And turn and walk away.

I made her my everything

In hopes she would improve

Instead she shut me out

Made sure id lose By taking away my parenting rights,Any input as her momNow I’m a nobody because to her I always was.


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