Leaving the house for work this morning I walked out into rain. I frowned, pulled my hood on and headed to the car. I was not happy, even knowing the rain wasn’t cold or heavy, but just knowing I had to be in it all day because for a field trip. Not only was it dark when I left but the road was hard to see as the blacktop had a silver look blurring the road markings.

It was apparent the driver adjacent to me couldn’t tell where one lane ended and the other began, as he was straddling to lane. I honked to alert him, and because he was driving apprehensively. His slow response are the type of people you need to look out for when driving, as they are the very same ones who cause accidents.

His driving and my honking at him cause me to introspectively think about myself, and how I handle things. Whether you think so or not so much of our personality shows how we deal with situations. My guess is that driver can take a step back and evaluate what is going on. I on the other hand normally leap and then evaluate. My driving to me is indicative of my way of acting so I assume is the fact with others.

I am good at picking up on who people are by evaluating what they do and how they act based on things I see and hear. I am also good at listen to their word choices and to my internal feelings. The only time my internal voice has been wrong, is when I didn’t listen. I dismissed the voice that told me to run from my ex husband time and again, my inner voice was screaming and yet I waited way too long. The lawyer who finished my divorce, Lindsay Jurgensen had no clue how corrosive the person she was up against was, most don’t guess how heinous my ex is, however she got me the best outcome and for that I am grateful.

However for the parenting agreement she got, she underestimated my ex and so did I. She asked me if I wanted my daughter to testify on my behalf, I said no. I didn’t want to put my youngest child through that (her parents divorce pitted against one another) and she had many mental health issues and I didn’t want to make it harder on my daughter.


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