The Spice of Life

November first, the beginning of the holiday season, but more importantly to me, the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving. For me, the importance of Thanksgiving is not just a market for the holiday that precedes Christmas, but really it notes a time of year we should pay close attention to the plethora of aspects of life we are indeed grateful for. It is so easy to lose site of those things, when we live in a world that shows falsehoods and portrays life as superficial and meaningless in so many ways, that in the grad scheme of things truly doesn’t matter.

Last night soon before bed I was revisiting my day and the things I was grateful for. I began mulling over the fact the next day would be a new month, November to be exact! While my life is not exactly where I want it to be at all, I was and am grateful for so many aspects I do have and should acknowledge. It is so important to not lose sight of the fact, that there are areas of life am I quite happy about.

As I have gotten older I have wished that our society allowed the month of November to stand alone and be acknowledged and revered for the simplicity of thanks. Giving thanks serves as an important reminder to what our life means down to the small but meaningful ways we should connect to often in gratitude. Instead it is just a place holder for the countdown to Christmas and pretty much glossed over as meaningless holiday. I chose to take each and every day in life but especially the month of November as a meaningful and precious example of my amazing life.

In the rat race of counting days, to signify how many until…, I will be stretching out my days and just focusing on the here and now, not what will eventually come to pass. I woke up this morning and was able to take thirty extra minute before I had to leave for work. Every Wednesday is late start so I do not start work as early, as a result I was able to stop for a hot chocolate. When I got to work I was able to spend a few minutes taking my time to gather myself before starting work. My hot chocolate was wonderful and a nice change from the hot tea I usually drink. Being it was late start meant that it wasn’t as dark as it normally is when I start work, an uplifting feeling.

On the way to the building I work in, it was pleasant seeing the foliage left on the trees, how beautiful the golds, oranges, and yellows were intermingled with the bare trees and the trees still donned in green. The crispness of this time of year invigorates me, in fact I love fall weather overall. It is the time of year for apples, which I love and comfort food like chili and beef stew which says family to me.

I am blessed with daughters I love and who love me back. I feel their love whenever I am fortunate enough to get to either talk to or see them. My oldest daughter and I talk often (normally two to three times a week) and we have developed a great relationship with one another I am extremely proud of. Knowing we talk as often as we do and that she is one of my biggest supporters is one of the most rewarding experiences as a mother and my life.

A few years ago as a present, my oldest with the help of another person gifted me a puppy, I named him Riley Nibbles A.K.A Crazy. Riley just turned three years old a few days ago, (yeah), and is a beloved companion and a real sense of joy for me. He is playful, sweet and such a happy little dog, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him, especially considering in the last two years he has been a mainstay of dependability, a cute one at that, and I dearly love him.

To aid me in moving forward with this new transition in the myst of the many facades my life has developed are the many friends that have lovingly given me their time, conversation and understanding. The generosity and love I have received from these people who grow in my heart daily are a valuable part of my life as it develops in new and enriching ways.

My life has changed in ways I never would have expected. All the various twists and turns my life continues to make is a bonafide mystery to me, but I will never make light of or forget that there is so much to be grateful and thankful for. I celebrate being grateful today and every day, but especially the month of November.


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