The Cause of Karma

Karma, spiritual debut of cause and effect where intent and actions influence good intent/deeds of future events in a positive way and bad intent/deeds influence future events in a negative way. Whether or not you believe in karma per sey, I personally believe your behaviors and actions influence what kind of life you will have overall. You cannot put out negativity and constantly act in immoral and unethical ways and expect positive results in life, it just doesn’t happen. You cannot operate your life in an altruistic manner and expect to be treated in a giving, loving manner. As the saying goes, you get out of life what you put into it.

While I do not believe in rebirth, I do believe that the actions one takes in life, how you treat others, how honest and moral you are, does have a direct correlation to what you experience in life, and how you feel about your life, a karma of sorts. If you go through life, lying, and manipulating to get your way, you will be unhappy and suffer from your behavior.

When you are a caring, open and honest person, who has a even temperament and are responsible for your actions and behaviors, I believe you are emotionally centered as a result and people are drawn to you, like you and respect you. In addition good things come your way for the mere fact other people feel safe and secure around you and accepted by you. When you are around someone who makes you feel judged and uncomfortable it makes you feel unexpected and in many ways substandard to them. By their own volition they are pushing you away and shutting themselves off from receptively being accepted.

Treating people in an abrasive and insensitive manner shuts off your chances of potentially gaining a positive outcome for something you might want or need. No one likes to feel judged, be mistreated or ridiculed, it comes across as nonverbally being told you are not worthy and I don’t like you and I’m better. When people feel they are not accepted for who they are, what is their incentive to want to show you care or concern? When it comes time for you to need something, you will not receive what you may need because you didn’t morally convey kindness when you had a chance.

Being alone, isolated and having feelings that you are not well received by others might come from the fact that when you had the chance you did not give, help or put the needs of others in a light they felt they mattered. As individuals we need others, and if we want to be internally happy, have life long happy bonds we need to balance our needs and wants with behaviors that show as much care and love to others as we do to ourselves. It is an essential element to a good life.

I am interested in and have started to learn and follow the teachings of Buddhism. The Dharma teachings and philosophies as well as the meditative practices, and the overall idea of Karma speak to me in ways that I feel I will be able to gain insight in myself and a better understand about life. I see how the teachings as a whole are grounding in a morally honest code, a clear use of descriptive language I not only find refreshing and intelligent but thoughtful. The fact I feel so connect with the concept of Buddhism in such a short time shows how closely I assimilated with it as a practice for living and upholding the philosophy for how to live a fulfilling life.

Yet as I stated while I believe in Karma per sey I do not believe in rebirth. When we die we die and it is an essential element of human life. There is no other outcome like a this or that. In Buddhist teachings once you are able to come to terms with the fact we all die, living becomes easier. That is (I feel) as long as you conduct you life in a morally positive way. I believe the though of dying becomes hard for people who have not lived above reproach. As for the color orange Buddhist monks wear, it has to do with the colors they could use to die the fabric at the time Buddhism came about, and has become synonymous with Theravada monks.


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