No Time like the Present ⏳

The sky was crystal clear this morning and the stars were more visible than most mornings as of recent. I’m sure the cold had something to do with the visibility which allowed me the ability to take a brief moment to experience the star filled sky, a moment of tranquility and beauty.

There are so many aspects of daily life I see beauty in, by what is presented right before me. I often take respite moments to focus on what is right there in front of me and fully experience what I see, smell or hear at that moment. It doesn’t matter what it is, I know the smallest aspects of life are what tether and ground me. As often as I can I strive for quality of life over quantity of things. I make a point to fully experience whatever I am doing or seeing, for in those times it is when the most profound learning and insightfulness ah-ha experiences take place and become meaningful memories.

It seems to me, our society as a whole is inundation with social media, tv, computers and various activities that bog down and rob people from time to really experience life in the significant way it should be. The consensus seems to be the busier you are the more you experience life. Life is busy because we as individuals make it busy, filling our days with aspects we could simply leave by the wayside. It seems to me most people have a need for the materialistic going for quantity over quality collecting stuff or things to do that they never complete. The thinking is they must be having a great fulfilling life because they have everything, you know keeping up with the Jones. Meaning comes from introspection, observation and valuing the simple aspects of life, such as a smile, time laughing together, conversation or sitting next to one another just taking in your surroundings. Countless people spend too much time passively experiencing life.

The society we have created is sending the wrong message to the youth about what life is about. Social media posts like many of those on Facebook and other social media sites show a vast majority of people who look like they are never unhappy or who never have slow, down time, which is so far from the truth. Life is cyclical in nature, (as I have said before), you have sad days, hard days, happy days, phenomenal days, and days everywhere in between. Life is not easy, most people will allude to that fact. I do not think there have been many people who have not experienced hard times. The truth is life can be pretty difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding. The key is to find things that bring you joy, bring you a sense of belonging and excitement and help you find meaning, even in simple things.

I love the work I do, it is meaningful, rewarding, gives me a sense of purpose and it makes me feel good about myself. The people I work with are genuine, caring and treat me as an important team member. The activities I participate in give me purpose, confidence and a sense of well-being as well as much needed exercise. I don’t use up all my free time with an over scheduled life, I leave time for relaxation and down time; reading, writing, being outside, and lastly watching TV. I work hard to give myself well rounded experiences and find meaning in most everything I do.

As I have gotten wiser I see the significance in using the good China just because, taking care of personal items but if they should break, oh well, let it go, having more stuff doesn’t make life better, treating others with kindness and respect is more of a benefit to you, and children feel secure when you react non-reactively, with honesty, and boundaries. As I have become older, I see the time we are alive as short and fleeting, it is surreal. I now realize how important it is to live life in as robust a way as you can for no one but yourself, on your own terms and not settle for anything but happiness, no matter what.


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