Beauty in Grey

The rain tapered off as the day went on, but it remained on the cool dreary side.  The sky, with the intense white grey cloud cover brightened up the day and was a lovely backdrop against the fall colored leave and bare trees scattered throughout.  The wetness from the massive amounts of rain hung on the still green plants, as well as the spent ones,  made a lovely contrast of various shades of color was a lovely contrast.

Driving back from a meeting I made a last minute decision to stop for a walk at the  Morton Arboretum .  The Arboretum, as many locals call it is a place I have been going to for years.  I adore the peace and quiet and I find I am able to connect with nature and work on cleansing thoughts at the same time.  I love how the colors of fall pop with the grey sky, especially on a wet day like today.

I took one of the may paths offered, and found out it was a path I hadn’t walked in a long time.  The walk was quiet, and serene, the air was humid but cool, but not unseasonable. The heaviness from the rain was still in the air, and as I walked I could occasionally see my breath.  It was invigorating, cathartic and energizing. The sodden mulch path made a swishing sound as I walked and gave me a rhythm to walk to.

img_2960As I continued on my walk taking in the smell of the plants, noticing the way my nose almost burned as I breathed in through my nose, or the fact the tip of my ears and nose were cold, but my cheeks were warm, it became apparent I walked into a  cacophony  of birds chirping all at once.  The sound was more peaceful than alarming, it was a natural, peaceful sound and one I adore. 

My walk was a short one, but enough to invigorate me and redefine my purpose for the day. I’m proud to say I felt alive and centered on my walk and am glad I stopped to focus on myself.


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