The Rain

Wet from clinging drops

Rain runs down my coat

It is a cold dismal downpour

Indicative of the season

As the rain cascades

Down from the heavens

Droplets refract the street lights

Clearly defining the deluge of drops

The wind cuts through

My soaked

somewhat rain proof coat

Chilling me to the bone

There is no side stepping puddles

Water pools everywhere.

The ground has reached saturation

And so have my shoes,

Based on the squishing sound

My feet make as I walk

The dog,

first uncertain if he should come with

Walks in a zig-zag pattern

As he sniffs the grass

He stops every few minutes

Lifts his head up


shakes off what he can

It is apparent he is cold

Based on the uncontrollable shivering

That takes place

We both are ready to go in

I pick him up

All ten pounds of him

Go in the toasty house

Slip off my shoes and coat

As I hold him

Wrapped in a warm dry towel

I leave my things

By the back door

And walk to the couch

I hold him, wrapped

By my chest

Put a blanket on me

And cover him

We both drift off

To sleep


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