The Spider 

Woven it’s a work of art

The threads

 Shimmer and shine

 But do not

get trapped in those deceptions

Or you will pay the price

Bend and flip

Out maneuver

The truth is never seen

Master at your craft you are

Your web is just a string

The spider crawls

To the prey

Cleaver you surely are

But truth doth have a way

To expose the poison

You are

Be safe my child,

grab a tether

Hold on and watch your way

I love you like no other

Remember to stay safe.

The spider has a venom

And you might not awake

You are prey

And being watched

Don’t get tangled in the web

I can handle the dishevel

But It’s you I worry about.

Stay safe

One and only

I send strength to you, don’t doubt

Spiders can be taken care of

Do what you always do


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