A World with Love

I woke early,  put on some clothes, brushed my teeth, put my hair up, and took my daughter to babysit.  I  was dressed to workout, the first workout I would have in weeks, due to a busy schedule not allowing me the luxury of taking care of myself.  I walked into the health club walked over the elliptical, hoisted myself up, situated my water bottles as I set the machine and glided.  Twenty minutes with my eyes closed, enjoying the rhythmic repetitive movement, feeling my muscles work, and believe it or not, relaxing.  After a few minutes I felt the beads of perspiration cover me, and took off my glasses.

Before I knew it, my time finished, I gathered my things, got off and walked over to the bikes.  At the end of the row of bikes, close to the mirrored wall are stairs, facing the bikes are recumbent bikes with just enough room for the power supple on the floor.  As I got on the bike I’d be using for 20 minutes, I notice a young tattooed  woman leaned over and working out on the stairs, working out hard.  Her right arm had a tattoo sleep minus a circular area around her elbow.  I thought it looked neat.  In front of me was a group of later aged individuals; two men to my left and a woman to my right.  They seemed to have great banter.  I closed my eyes  and focused on working out, while intermitted listening to them speak.

Up walked another man, he made pleasantries and took the last bike to the left.  By the look on the woman’s face it seemed like she felt uncomfortable and out of place being the only woman. and waited her turn to speak.  I continued to watch their interactions, trying to not appear like I was intrusively watching,  however I was intrigued by the group dynamic, to the point I was aware what they were doing and what they were saying.  I smiled to myself as another man walked up and joined the group.

It was clear the 65+ group across from me had developed some sort of friendship, and clearly like one another.  But what really made me want to study these people is the fact they really were having a great time together while working out.  You could feel the respect, care and admiration and clearly see the comradery they shared.  It warmed my heart knowing they accepted each other as people, not a black woman, two black men and two white men.

I pondered over the stark difference of the terroristic happening in Charlottesville in contrast to the jovial interactions of these people.  I went over how I make sure I treat people how I want to be treated.  I go out of my way to treat man, woman, animal and all of nature with care and kindness.  Our planet and everything on it needs one another to live.  Plants and trees need the CO2 we exhale, we need trees and plants to breath, some insects need our blood to live, animals need other animals and plants to eat, we get medications and products from many or these sources and yet, it is apparent our current political leader, and his followers, think being white and male makes them the pure, superior race.

How can you be superior treating other people inferior?  How can you think being white makes you better?  It doesn’t, and I’m damn sick of the lack of intellect these people have.  The inexcusable racism a small criminal fracture of our country spews as if a majority feels the same.  I don’t and I condemn you, the KKK, white supremacists, NEO Nazis and anyone else for what ever reason thinks they are superior.  Hear me now, you are NOT!!!

The despicable events in Charlottesville and the idiotic lack of diplomacy and character 45 shows is inhumane, cruel, coldblooded and unrelenting.  The fact that the republican party hasn’t ousted his ass with impeachment, begs me to ask the question:  Where are your morals? Our country’s leader is causing both a civil and world unrest that will have cataclysmic ripples none of us have seen in recent times. My children and their children will not know the America I did, and that sends a prickle over my entire body.

The terroristic hate is being fueled so prolifically by The GOP and it’s unrealistic view of our world.  I’m not saying I have all the answers, but what is happening now is not healthy and beneficial to anyone.  How can anyone condone Hate in any form?  Whats wrong with you America, snap out of if.




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