The Jiffy mix sat on the counter unopened, the small blue and white box held the contence of some of the best cornbread, and I was about to make it.  The season, late in summer, but cool enough to cause cravings of wonderful fall food.  The chili was on the stove, just finished and simmering.  Ah, it smelled so good and once this cornbread was in the oven, I could almost smell it.  Dinner would be ready.  Of course, the real flavor of the chili wouldn’t set until all the flavors married together, but the way chili went in our family I didn’t think it would make it.

I was so excited, over the simplicity of what this chili and box of cornbread meant.  I could feel the comfort it brought, the aroma, both sweet and spicy with a robust body of texture and flavors flowing in the air.   The corn bread, now able to be detected, smelled alluring and was going to be a wonderful compliment.  My mouth was watering, all my sense were waiting for that moment I could eat.

No it wasn’t fall, but the days had gotten shorter, nights cooler as summer was winding down, and somehow it signaled a calmness and need for weighed comfort.  Perhaps that is what draws us to (certain) seasons, the draw we have to elements that make us feel the most comforted and alive; secure.  The weighed comfortable feel we get from this time of year as life draws to a calm accentuated motion.

In the next few weeks summer will slowly dissipate, school will have started up for many and I will start anew.  I have come full circle, starting this school year much the same as last year, but with a rich newness, a dichotomy of sorts, from a wife to that of a single woman with a family.  Much like a scarf that is taken by the wind into the air, so too is my life as it lifts up, as if time has slowed to a standstill, while cascading in opulence, as it slowly descends down, extended, flowing with life.

I will no longer be riddled with unproductive acrimonious struggles, as my life moves ahead in a continuous calming rhythmic tone.  I have started the transition, with a family I love, and grow with and friends who have made me who I am.  I love this time of year, the closeness I have, being able to sit down to dinner, with those that I love, enjoying a home cooked meal; serenity.  I look up in the sky, feel a coolness on the back of my neck, and relax into an enveloping feeling of possibility.

It’s all up to me now, where I go, who I go with.  I move on with the wisdom of experience, having come out the other side, wiser, stronger, aware and ready, like a scarf in the wind.


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