Standing before the judge as she decreed us divorced and I could go, I turned around and walked out of the court room beaming with elation. I walked up to my friend back facing my lawyer. She approached me exclaiming the Ex was crying.

I can’t say what was going through his mind and frankly I didn’t care, because I was smiling ear to ear and elated. My lawyer (she was amazing), walked up to me and delivered the dissolution of marriage paperwork.

It was a long day but I was truly at peace. I came home and settled back into my life, now made anew with this change. Gosh it felt great! I went over everything I had, making mental notes of what I wanted to take care of in the days ahead, precisely tomorrow. Can I say, I have never been so excited about a tomorrow.


Friday August 11, the day, this day the first day as a single woman was started off with a smile on my face, warmth in my heart, and excitement at my life. What joy! Divorce isn’t an easy process, by any means, but I have grown, persevered and overcome. When the judge awarded my request a weight had been lifted and a realization came to me, never again will his life have any merit on my own or any meaning to the person I am. Yes, we will always have children in common, and how their relationships together unfolds or dries up I will know about, but in terms of an us, it doesn’t exist.

As a person I have no respect for who he is, and frankly don’t care about how his life is or with whom he shares it with. What I do care about is this it isn’t a burden on my children and that the one he has a relationship with comes first. Based on his first post divorce post it certainly shows he has no concern for how his youngest feels or how it affects her. As her mother I will be here to support her and be the parent she needs.

My life is rich and full and I cannot tell you how happy I am. As for dating, yes I have. But my life isn’t about finding someone to make me feel loved, it is about me loving myself and when the time is right growing in kind with my mate. Real relationships take work, honesty, time and do not just happen, chemistry happens. Love is built over time, and to thrive they need proper elements.

I’m ok waiting for the right person for me. I’m confident with who I am and know the right person will come into my life. To be loved is a gift especially when you can say you love yourself. We attract what we are and put forth in the world.
I’m know I am loved I don’t need to declare it, because I feel it with my entire being ❤️


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