My Strength 

My life is filled with a flair and robustness that can only be defined as a spice for life. This spicy jubilant satire is a culmination of all my endeavors, the new found joy and freedom to be the woman I am now.

I found myself, yes at my age. I am set free to be whomever I want. I have the strength and perseverance to achieve my desires and dreams. My life is mine for the taking. I choose to be strong, giving and forthright. A beacon of truth and honesty.

I will no longer hide or forsake who I am for anyone, even fears. The time is now and I will live for my dreams. I am rebuilding myself from the inside out, and letting go and setting my soul free. See me, hear me, I have nothing to be shameful of, I love deeply, and fully. I stand tall and embrace life.

I will meet you my fear(s) and concur you and delight in the strength I gain from knowing I overcame your power and persevered. For each anxiety I overcome the stronger my resolve is. What is fear, but the unknown we are insecure about and have no confidence about.

I have a prolific zest for my life, a passion as intense as a fast beating heart after a passionate kiss that sends your head spinning. The way you light up after as if you are tingling all over from the adrenaline. Life should be as beautiful as that.

We all know there are moments in life like this. But to have people in your life who bring out the best in you, and do not inhibit you as a person, well fear will concede. I gather strength in knowing who I become I can be proud of.


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