House of cards: Follow the Money.

Monday! How do you gage time when it is overloaded with intense mental activity and physical undertakings making it feel as if a week has passed? I arose this morning early, quiet aware of the day, yet within a span of a few hours Monday seemed lived out, that was until I called out, “happy Monday”. I paused and had to almost second guess my words in a foreign surreal way. I cracked a joke, making the room burst out in laughter and before I knew it time had again passed.

I gathered my belonging, then began to amble my way to the door.  I was dressed in one of my favorite summer dresses, more than befitting for the days events and my way of embracing what and where my life was at . Even if I could only attend one of my appointments, I knew I was well represented at the one I didn’t attend. Which brings me to a question, why on earth does it seem every thing always ends up schedule on one day, either at the same time or with minutes of one finishing? Then of course you have nothing on any other day.   

After all the intense emotional pendulum like movement over the course of the last two week, I’m glad I have an almost emotionally “free” day. At least as of now I do. Several critical variables of my equation that have been in the process of being expressed clearly, are now in there final rewrite as all the terms and factors have been set up, “X” has been found!

Well in this case disposed (or deposed) as the case may be.

If all concludes the way it looks like it might, I think I will believe karma has indeed found and taken care of an abhorrent despicable parasitic (male) wench. I can only hope in time that across the board the vail he’s used will finally rot and the putrid vileness will show.  

For me in a matter of days (so I assume) I will be able to close the horror I’ve endured and his un-widowed pride (excuse me while I choke on her simplemindedness) now is shackled (I mean overcome with lustful love) at his unhygienic appearance in spades.

We all dig our one holes. When we start and how deep is all a matter of the genuine, honest and forthright nature we not only portray but actually have as a driving force of who we are- not a charade. We don’t win (ŋwǐˀən), lying doesn’t help and drama cim cause more pain.

Mark my word. 


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