The Cyclical Viscosity 

It is Sunday, phew! I woke panicked thinking it was Monday. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Mondays, and in fact I like them… normally. This Monday however, it doesn’t matter if you dress it up in the fanciest, decked out getup that shimmers when it moves, it is going to be an inhospitable day. 

I have two huge undertakings going on at about the same time. Yes of course I can’t be in two places at once, even when both are equally important. However, I chose the one that I had to. I know I am making a good choice as the one I cannot attend is in exceptional qualified hands. Well actually they both are in exceptional qualified hands but for very different reasons!!

The impossibility of the situation is overwhelming to say the least. Probably why I freaked out thinking it was Monday today! In any case I need to allow myself a break and try to just relax. I know worrying won’t help, and I am not worrying just thinking about the fact I have these things coming up and knowing it will play out no matter what.

It’s hard to ascertain when too many factors play a part, and quite frankly it isn’t realistic. There are many facets of our life we have no tangible control over, yet somehow when we perceive the event to be negative in any way an uncontrollable need to have the power to change it manifests. I’m not sure if it is a survival instinct that kicks in to somehow protect and pad the impact or just a need to fix things.

In any case when circumstances are overly polarized in a negative way we see our life as not having the quality and dimension it dose when things go well. We need both in actuality.
We grow infinitely when perceived negativity is  around us. I say perceived because ultimately we have the control on how we choose to see events and circumstances in our lives. As much as I hate to admit it, stuff happens; good and bad.   

Life is very much cyclical, that is an undeniable fact. However, It feels to me that my life will be positioned where it is indefinitely, at the same time I have had deep, rewarding experiences where my life has been enriched, profoundly. It hasn’t been an entire chalk up, that’s for sure.
Maybe we remember the negative so vividly because the surreal impact it has. I can give countless examples when my fight of flight response was triggered as I recount those negative events. In any case we learn to fear what we cannot control or that we perceive as negative when really we should embrace it just as we would the counter feelings. 

I am not saying that they don’t hurt or cause harm, I’m living proof they do.  What I am saying is learning to benefit and grow from both is equally important and rewarding in it own right. As I have heard so many times, the most amazing things come from the worst experiences.
May this prove to be true for me.  



2 thoughts on “The Cyclical Viscosity 

  1. We learn mostly from the negative. The brightest diamond is the one thats been put under the most treasure etc there are so many sayings such as these. All the best tomorrow..that too shall pass…. 🙂

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