The Person Inside

In the course of a day, many thoughts pass through my mind. In the recent weeks my mind has been filled will an adversity of prolific thoughts and feelings over the injustice one person can cause. The sojourn I have had, well I have had the misfortune to be hold up with no retribution, which is SUCKING the life outta me.The insurmountable deceit one individual can perpetrate, lies upon lies where even said person loses sight of what is truth. Every avenue of the life lead, examples upon example can be given as proof of the heinousness done.

There is no good in this person, what was salvageable died long ago.

It was once implied, I could not write and sounded uneducated, I have a mild form of dyslexia, but I know I write well, spelling and grammar, well that’s another thing altogether!

I had more formal education then that person who was pushed by me to obtain a GED. When I graduated with my associates the said person blew up making my day more about the loss anticipated by what couldn’t be seen due to the fact there was not enough tickets for all. Only my children could see me graduate.

That was a poignant pivotal moment for me. As I walked into the hall I felt robbed of my accomplishment of graduating with honors all the work and time I put in, like it meant nothing. My heart was sad for the mere fact the said person just couldn’t let me have my day and allow me my happiness for my accomplishment. I was so overwhelmed with feelings of sadness being among the ranks of graduates but not allowed to make it my day so I cried in the procession leaving the ceremony. It was a good mask, the happiness I should have been feeling, showing it with overjoyed tears which were tears of hurt at how said person became aggressively hostile and angry.

This person was and is good at cultivating and manipulating events, feelings and situations to suits the needs or desires within who this said person is.

Which brings me to this question, how can this said person live with who they are, how they are, the things they do, and justify their behavior? There can be no happiness in a person who leads a life much like this person does. Their can be no humanness in a person like this. They fill their live with possessions and thing, to hide the void they obviously feel within and above all use others for their own gain and precatory worth.

I express this to you because there is nothing, and I do mean nothing casual in how a person like this behaves, acts or is.  

Yes I have my issues and faults, but I would never in a million years do what this person did has done and in now doing to another. 


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