Shining Light

I slept soundly, totally relaxed, unaware it was morning, until I opened my eyes. I laid in bed taking in the peacefulness and utter quiet focusing on the gift of waking up to utter tranquility.

As wonderful as it felt I new I needed to move out of bed, the dog had to go out. I flung the covers off and all at once sat up and got up.
Putting my shoes on I gathered my thoughts, opened the door and left the room, closing the door behind me.   

Walking down stairs I was already processing my thoughts from the prior day, as I was thinking about how wonderful my hot cup of tea would be to drink out in the yard. My favorite place to just be. I can casually sit for hours in the morning drinking in the charm morning offers. I use the time to enjoy the simplicity that nature is, while I process and find my creative muse. 

I don’t always use the creativity but knowing I have it and can count on it, well,  it has sustained me through many of what I have felt to be impossible moments in my life. Only after moving through those times did I see the strength I possessed and then wondered to myself why was I so consumed with worry.  I’ve overcome and faced challenges the have been insurmountable, or so I thought. Giving up would have certainly caused those times to indeed be insurmountable, but I find with all these adverse experiences, I have become a stabilizing force for myself and my children. I’m not one to waver, I’m not one to settle and I am not one to not face a personal challenge and allow it to make me cower.

I go after what I believe in, by focusing on how I envision the end result to be, knowing in my heart that this is what I must do. Life has been a difficult challenge, (as many of us know), but I’ve been given the gift of seeing those I needed to see clearly for who they were and what we would never be to one another. I’ve gained my individuality back, I know who I am and what I want from my life and who will no longer have meaning in it.

Thank you loved ones and friends who have supported me in all the ways you have (especially) these last couple of years. While I know by no means am I the center of anyone’s universe but mine, I know you hold me, and my children in your thoughts- what an amazing gift.

My light shines bright and the darkness I’ve come out of, you’ve seen it. I do not fear it and I know you don’t. It continues to diminish and is all but burnt out. It will be devour for the void it is, and backs will continue to turn away from as I embrace the future.  My lovely, bountiful future!!


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