Eric and Kathy in the Morning 

I am overwhelmingly marred by the jurisprudence I’ve dealt with. The substandard lengthily time I put up with inferior representation, lack of financial support for our children and a rash of other unacceptable goings on.   

I’m dumbfounded by the lack of scrupulous shown when they have other people’s lives in their hands. They have no understanding or compassion because the monetary gains they will come away with do not make them want to care.

I took matters into my own hands, my new lawyer has my back. For as much as she will be able to do. Had my last lawyer asked for child support when this all started, I asked over and over again.

It is hard for me to joke or make light of the situation at times. We had three children together, he works an inferior amount of hours and is supported. I have college to pay for, medical bills, my own health. Let’s laugh about that! Hahhaha. Yeah no.

Some of the very same people who joke about very said things in their life get we are here for you, and truth be told, I feel alone. The last day bottomed out. No idea why. Somehow all this bad luck came my way. Guy with road rage, attacked by an animal, stood up, which all helped to compound the other things I’m balancing.

Really is something that off with me?

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve probably hung my laundry out too much, but what else do I have as restitution? No, some of this shouldn’t be common knowledge, but I am sick and tired of how he has gotten away with everything he has done. I sit here, having lost so much, doing my best to help our children and give them a feeling of hope when right now I have none.
I work hard and don’t cut corners 

Being faced with mortality usually makes one humble and nicer, instead I met vicious and mean.

No one is handing me a tidy nice life, yet that’s exactly what he got. Karma? I am beginning to doubt its existence.

Yes I am angry, yes I am hurt. Yes I am done! Done with this lopsided, unfair, hurtful way life has been for me and my children. I WANT MY TURN AND MY TIME!  When will this end?
I just want it to end. 


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