You’re a Cancer

Through the perils I have fought

Every wave a new turn

Never would I have thought

I’d live with indisputable shame

Mind you, not at what I had done

Imperiously it was you

Sadly the haze

from my clouded judgment

Took so long to lift

Seeing you plan and clear

Oh dear was I amiss..


All the perpetrated

Heinous acts

The lineage grows and grows

Now I’m faced with abnormal squamous;

From your treacherous blows.

Never did I stray as you

And your demonic ways

No longer will I hide the shame

Of the deplorable man you are

I share with you, the entire world

What was done to me.

Why you ask, is it a game?

No, vindication and reclamation

Your power, you no longer have

everyone, and Ehm-ah- eem

Unequivocally do see


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