Iron in the Fire

Early. For me. I woke up eyes popped open and got out of bed, within minutes of waking up. It’s amazing what a dose of iron can do for your energy level. I thought I just loved my sleep! What an awesome feeling to feel full of charged energy and ready to start the day!

In case you were wondering, yes I found out my iron was low. Severely low. I take my health seriously as heart disease and a gamma of other

health issues run in my family, as a result I am proactive with my heath. Turns out the only issue was the iron, apparently I must be doing something right, save the iron deficiency.

After four days of taking iron supplements, and of course good sleep, I awoke eager to partake in my my beverage of choice,
tea.  I am outside, deck bound, sipping the most wonderful cup of hot smooth tasting tea, (thank you LemOn), actually enjoying the morning, but itching to start my day. What a weird feeling to feel like this after so long of feeling tired all the time.  

I feel like I have to do something, lots of physical work. I have this desire to clean and organize. Wow.
Yep that’s me!

For now I will enjoy this summer morning. smelling the air, feeling the breeze and enjoying my tea. For all you coffee drinkers, (which I am not, nor have I ever been one), tea is by far the superior caffeinated beverage!

Tea to the right, book to the left, sun breaking through the clouds, dogs at my feet, what could be better?!

Yeah, yeah, that goes without saying. Now that I feel charged with energy ….


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