Success is Sweet when Earned 

Waking, the slow non-obtrusively calm feeling it is, to not have to rush. I woke on my own, no alarm was needed, so yes, when I opened my eyes I had a relaxed smile on my face. The certitude I felt, was a long time in the making, and came from my take-charge nature, which kicked in to overdrive recently.

The vexing feeling eating at me, is now but all removed as the weight I carried disproportionately fallacious, now seems light and manageable. I feel there is a purpose and an end just on the horizon. No, I will not avoid, I will concur (my own fears and misgivings) and I will grow from what I face. There is an end in sight. Mulling over what I learnt, the knowledge base I gained from the experience(s), albeit treacherous at times, I smell a frangrance as sweet and voluptuous as the most aromatic hyacinth in spring, and I name it strength.

I have power, not from taking what isn’t mine, but from the serendipity of knowing I have out preformed myself in the most righteous of ways. What ever the outcome I hold my life’s endeavors sacred and my skill set as a beacon of fortitude, that I cannot be shaken by a person devoid of conscious, morals and integrity. I stand tall. The trench, as difficult and unrelenting as it was, feels glorious at the summit and now back to the humble ground I call my home.

It is not about power, no it is about ones’ ablilty to respect the process as much as the end and know that when I had the chance I did what was right. 


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