The Gate

As one door closes another opens, or so we are told. What if both doors are closed and we are left in the hall? What do we do then?

I have taken the power into my hands. That’s what I do. I don’t bend and manipulate, but instead I have integrity and meet what I should, head on.

All the doors are closed. I’m waiting for the correct one to open. I’m suck in a dark corridor, with the poorest of light, feeling my way along the wall. No, not like “Hotel California”

This will all be over soon. Perhaps I will or won’t find love, it doesn’t matter, (who am I kidding?).
What matters is being content and happy. Yes, I have been looking, who wouldn’t? I’d be stupid to just sit by and waste away. The feeling of being cared for, we all want and need it. 

But to be clear I’m not going to settle. Not like I did for my ex. I don’t want this to be the cycle in my life. I know what love looks like, how it should feel…. most people settle, i.e. The ex. Ask him. He’ll lie, but you’l be able to tell by his responses and his body language.

So I’ve taken my future into my hands. Good or bad, it will work out and better than I first
believed. Why, because I took the bull by its horns.   

I’ve had enough. The
gate has swung open, or was it always open, and I just needed to find it? In any case it has revealed a new chance. While I’m not one to sit around, I don’t always know what path to take. This time I do, as my confidence is soaring.

I’ve been blessed with strength in ways that will only manifest when it is time, but people underestimate.
It is time 🙂 

The gate has swung closed and another has opened and I am ready.


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