Sandy Pregnacy

I love the beach. Not necessarily going in the water, per say but the feel of sand as it grits away my rough skin, revealing the new softness underneath. I feel like a polished stone, smooth and soft. There is something hypnotic about hearing the wind, listening to waves, having the sun beat down on you, and being able to just relax on a summers day.

Having sand against my body is a relaxing, calming feeling, because it seems to cradle me and put pressure against my body in such relaxing ways. You can feel the sand between your fingers and toe, (and yes it gets everywhere), but some how it pulls away any stress my body might (want to) hold on to.

I can recall, feeling relaxed beyond belief in ways only the beach has been able to do.

Many years ago when I was popping pregnant with my first child, I can remember wanting to relive the pressure on my back while attempting to laying out on my stomach. As any pregnant woman knows this is virtually impossible as you fall to one side. However, I came up with an idea, and it was a damn good one at that! I decided to dig a hole in the sand to accommodate the baby belly. I cannot even begin to tell you what it means to a pregnant woman to be able to lay on her eighth month pregnancy and not feel like she is going to literally pop from the stress or tip over to a side.

I dug the hole, and after several attempts I found the perfect fit. It’s as if I wasn’t pregnant. My back felt relaxed with the pressure off , the baby felt cradled and I fell asleep. I felt as if my body was just mine again, can you imagine?
Neither could I!

I cannot remember a better day of latent pregnancy except when I delivered.

Obviously if I can recall with detail a date over twenty-two years ago it had to be a spectacular feeling, let alone memory. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed being pregnant. It was an awe inspiring experience which I repeated two additional times. But, being able to feel well not so pregnant, and fully being able to relax; it was wonderful!!!!

Again, I loved pregnancy. The only thing better was finally being able to go into labor on my own! Third time was charm


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