Eye; that’s Me

Is as if the words spoken jangled in my ears, as pearcing blood curdling sounds causing me to clasp my hands to my ears to prevent the tone from causing me to go deaf.  

Crying out doesn’t help, it makes it worse.  Cupping my ears with my hands seems to make it last, and I can still hear it as it penetrates between my fingers.  

Instead of fighting it, I put my hands down and focus. It envelopes me as if I am the eye of a tornado or perhaps hurricane, calm amongst the chaos.  I let the sound come and start to dround out as I accept it’s presence.  I ignore the fact moments ago the pain was so intense my head felt as if it would explode or maybe implode. 

I stand tall accepting the gut wrenching sound,  becoming more and more calm as it becomes clearer to me what the driving force is and the why of it.  This isn’t second nature, but I can adjust accepting it like it is.  The maelstrom around me begins to feel calm and I begin to anticipate the haphazard mesmerizing sound. 

I am the eye, calm and collect and you spin around me. But alas I am more powerful in my cacoon of calm than you are in your cloaked overcharged dramatic whirlwind diversion(s).  I will adjust and learn and gain strength knowing I am the eye with the focus I need to overcome what I must.  

When the storm passes you are left with the calm.  The aftermath.  In that aftermath I will still be, and you, you will be the destruction with nothing. 


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