It’s early in the morning, I’ve been awake for over an hour, just laying in bed. When I first awoke, I just laid here waiting for sleep to come back.  When it didn’t happen I opened up an app and started to read, now I’m writing. 

I wish I knew what woke me. Seems there is no rhyme or reason as to what causes me to become wide awake, and while it isn’t something I would choose, it happened. One minute I am deep asleep and the next, eye popping awake. 

 The day prior was a lovely day and I was extremely happy just because. Everything seemed so perfect in its own right and fit together in such a cohesive manner adding to my great mood.  Life should always be this way.  The feelings enough are to be treasured.

I do have problems, who doesn’t? But when the day is so splendid you forget about the things that bring you down and can only see the bountiful and feel just the happiness; I don’t know anything better. 

In fact I did talk about my problems, and believe it or not it helped to add to the ambiance and mood I was in.  There is something so satisfying feeling you have the ultimate say in the direction your life will take, even when in truth we don’t:) However what ever the reason it doesn’t matter as long as there is semblance to make you feel as if you have a say.

Typing is my quill and the blog is my paper, and with my words I am set free to express myself and be myself in as simple and transparent a way as my words will allow.  Writing opens up my emotional pathways so I can process in analytical ways my feelings to be able to put them into words.  Rich full of life, no longer abstract my words set me free. 

Yes I woke wide awake, but I did go back to sleep.  My sleep was a deep restful slumber,  full of peace, calm and serenity. As if I had not a care in the world.  But the dreams, they too told me, you are on your way.  I no longer feel bogged down by my negative life circumstances and see in their story how I am transending above what could hold me back.  

If for a day.  It is a start and I am at peace with that thought. I’m confident in my thoughts and feelings and am ready to face the day, my beautiful world. 


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