Happy Birthday

Today, my middle child turns 18.  I woke with her asking me to zip up her dress frantically as she was late for work, after she left and I had the ability to finally awake fully I realized what day it was and immeadiately called her. 

She knows I’m dead ass broke and isn’t expecting anything for her birthday.  Knowing this she envied me out to lunch and a walk afterwards to celebrate her day.  Of course I ended up paying the bill.  It’s the least I can do, I’d actually like if I could do more.  Instead I will just show her my love, respect and admiration.  

We both ordered, her something vegan and I a cheese burger. While waiting I snacked on bread sticks and ate soup.  When my food finally came I had sucked down three iced teas and ate about 4 breadsticks with my soup. The burger while good had no place to go but home with the fries as I was stuffed.  

The walk as she stated, was a let down, as the place she took us was more a field than a path.  But it was outside and with her, so I’m happy.  

During our meal she asked what her curfew was and if I was upset she was around someone who smoked.  I told her she needed to check in at cerfew time but really didn’t have one, she needed to be responsible and I’d be ok.  In addition if she wasn’t out too late I’d be ok.  She seemed satisfied. As for the smoking, good choice and what ever she decided.

I’m pretty blessed.  My children have always been open and honest with me and are people I can trust to do the right thing.  I’m not saying I know all their deep dark secrets, but I’m pretty sure they really don’t hide much from me.  Of course there are certain things I do not want to know and they don’t want to share.  That’s perfectly ok by me.

I love that my daughters are so close to me and like me as a person.  They really like to spend time with me on a consistent basis,  and I like who they are an awful lot.  As I mom I’m pretty blessed to have a great relationship and bond with my children.  I’m the lucky one.  

Happy Birthday beautiful daughter!


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