Arborvitae Conspiracy 

Funny how creativity hits. I have been working on a landscaping job for a friend. The space is already layed out, I just needed to come up with a design, take out what was in existence (mostly weeds and ground cover) and then plant.  

As I was turning over the soil I realized in the middle of a mound of weeds was a hydrangea.  Inspiration hit.  I dug up the hydrangea and moved it to its new home.  In a matter of seconds (in my head) I had concocted a rough idea of what I was going to plant.  

I moved the bench, positioning it to its new home.  I proudly stood looking at the enviting feel these small changes made.  The few remaining plants were moved to there new perspective homes and haphazardly watered. I stood back at the now cleared space envisioning (poorly) what the finished area would look like.  I knew I would get hostas; the homeowner seemed to like them, plus they had low light demand, as well as low maintenance. I knew I’d get grasses but other than that I had nothing. 

The next day on my way home from spending hours weeding another small space, I stopped at the local garden store to get some plants for the house I was working on. I filled the cart.  It wasn’t like I had a picture in my head, I just grabbed plants.  The theme I chose was based on color and texture.  I worked on pairing plants that I though would give the homeowner the feel she wanted.  (If not I myself got that feel). 

She gave basic details of what she liked, bold, popping color, and plants she said she wanted that were on her property, (all three of them).  When asked if she wanted any trees, she clearly looked at me as if I’d lost my mind and said, “ah, no trees!” 

Knowing how her house was decorated I felt pretty confident I could put together something she would like.  However I disregarded her “No tree comment”, and proceeded to get what I thought she would like; a Japanese Maple.  Besides it was half off, doesn’t grow very tall and has gorgeous fall color. All pluses in my book!

It took two days of plant shopping, me going in grabbing plants putting them in my cart, bringing them back, positioning them, digging the holes and placing the gems in their new homes to complete the homeowners new designed space.  I tied the entire front together, in a way that didn’t seem to have a total planed cookie cutter feel.  The two diffent sides while not matching, matched. 

To help with water, i.e. drainage,  I chose grasses, and based on the sunlight pattern I tried to plant plants that would work thoughtout the day, as sunlight requirements changed. Because I am not a totally fan of the heavy look evergreens give, I try to limit their use, and will use them more as a texture plant, which I did.  

I’m sure it was funny watching me.  I’d bring plants out, and place them where I wanted them to go.  I had no plans I was going off of,  but I knew exactly where the plants needed to be – there was no indecisiveness.  

Lastly I finished up with annuals as a boarder, then watered.  Clearly the homeowner isn’t a gardener, there was no hose, or so I thought. On my go over of the back yard I found the hose, nestled in weeds!!!  

I have to say I love the job I did.  I hope the homeowner gets as much out of it as I did creating it.  If not she is welcome to move! Lol.  

Naw it’s all good. 


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