A Love Poem

The macabre way you meddle 

Aka triangulate 

Is heinous and deceitful 

Seldom infused with truth 

Your sociopathic demeanor 

The game you play with life

Is calculatedly wicked 

Bone chillingly demoniac 


[no (real) sacrifice]
Misery and loathsomeness 

Failures that you seed

Are cloaked in materialism 

Your American dream

Incapable, you don’t flourish 

Let alone thrive 

You’ll wither 

As your heart grows cold

Dying at the vine
The process has been started

Look in the inlayed mirror

Even you can’t stand yourself

Sex is how you persevere

Grotesque is how you’ve

Been characterized,  

Putrefied and dumb 

Inferior you are to me

I’ve already won

I chose to leave 

And get away

No longer under thumb 

You see I’m smart, beautiful, 

Courageous, which you are not

But I’ll hand it to you 

You manipulate 

But that’s all you freakin’ got!


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