Your Nightmare 

Silent, you may think you are

But in no deft way are you

You are just like cellophane, 

transparent and thin skinned
The anger pours

From your greasy hair

And out your putrefied skin
The venom seethes

From you dank mouth 

In incoherent memes
The intellect you feel you have

Are only but unmet dreams
Your passively wanton ways 

Aren’t cloaked as you’d assume

The deathly way you communicate 

Is why you are a fiend 
Carful where you try to step

Nary a one trusts you 

You are the one who brings forth death

Murmurs are about you.
In the dark you will stay

Alone, cold and blue

In an abandon unmarked grave 

With no one to love you. 


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