No Relief 

I wish I could say I was relieved, but if this weekend taught me anything, it’s that good people don’t succeed. Being a cutthroat dirtbag is the way to go.  

I’m hurt, angry and sad.  Words do not even begin to describe adequately how I feel.  I’ve never been monitarily swayed, but come on, shouldn’t proving for the children you have come first?  

The judicial system is a bunch of crap.  I’ve provided every piece of documentation and done the the right thing, yet playing the system seems to be how one gets what they want.

How is it I am the only one following rules? How is it I’m the one who is the bad person here?  I’ve not lied, I’ve not cheated the system yet I’m being raked over the coals. 

I’ve been tested and tested, my resolve and believe that doing the right thing will reap rewards, is a pile of garbage.  YES I AM FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF!!!!  

This is garbage.  Plain and simple it isn’t ok what is happeneing.  

I’m trying to move forward, but right now I have to accept were I am in order to process so I can move forward. As for relief I doubt I’ll get any, somehow people like me don’t get that.  


5 thoughts on “No Relief 

  1. Justice and truth have nothing to do with each other! Hold your head up high and hang in there. Keep going, keeping your conscience clear.
    It’s worth the peace of mind in the end- no matter how unfair!
    ( Didn’t mean to rhyme- just happened 😮)

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  2. Buddhists believe in karma, which is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences, so maybe you just need to be patient a little longer till things work out for you. Hang in there!

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