Soapbox Rant

I’m in a waiting room for a professional appointment, there is music playing so you cannot hear sessions going on.  Also kind of gives the room a zen feel.  I sit down with my daughter and realize the woman sitting in the waiting area is playing an obnoxious game on her phone.  I look at my daughter and kindly ask her to turn down her phone.  Partly because I was sitting right next to her but also I was hoping the woman would take the cue.  After several minutes it was apparent she didn’t.  So being the person I am, I spoke up for myself, “excuses me, would you mind turing the sound down on your phone it’s quiet loud.”  I was very polite and respectful.  

She wasn’t having it.  She stopped what she was doing and distastefully started at me, threw her phone, in an angry tossing manner, to make the point that she clearly  was NOT happy with me. I looked away and thanked her, “thank you so much, I appreciate it.”  I am not submissive at expressing myself in a respectful and polite way. Nor do I intimidate easily.  

I went back to what I was doing, which also was on my phone, however mine was and is on silent!!!! She attempted to reengage me by saying the music has clicking sounds. I pointed out that is to dround out what is going on in sessions, yours is just annoying.  She stormed off.  

Fast forward a few minutes, she comes back in.  Proceeds to tell me she was here first and there was no sign saying she couldn’t have the volume on her phone on.  Beside she was 60 years old and after all I was talking to the woman next to me.  The woman in question was my 16 year old daughter.

Really?  That’s your justification for being a yahoo.  “I don’t care if you were the first or 51 person there you are totally white trash and have no respect for others, clearly look at how disrespectful you have acted for me asking you to be quiet in a waiting room.  Because you are in your 60’s justifies your behavior? 

Besides asking someone to turn down the sound is not having a conversation and it shouldn’t be a power struggle over what should be a no brainer- the world actually revolves around none of us, thank you very much.

What is wrong with some people? Now days people have no respect for others or boundaries and clearly don’t understand what is and isn’t socially unexceptable.  Even if they did they  just don’t care because they want to do what they want to do.  There is no moral code of conduct, no worry about how it might make you look and no real repercussions and it drives me crazy.  

I have the same issue with people in the library.  When did it become socially acceptable to talk loud in the library?  The conversation tone even the staff uses is just as bad.  Clear across the library you can hear.  Hello, I’d like to concentrate on me not what you are distracting me with.  It isn’t even quiet talking, and when the staff does it also they can’t evenenforce quiet if they don’t also follow it as a rule.

I’m so tired of the entitlement people assume they should have.  Wanna know why so many rules become rules? Because someone did something so the unwritten had to be spelled out.  Every single rule you can possibly think of wasn’t a rule until something caused it to be one.  

We have become a society of rule breakers who act, think and feel entitled to do what ever they want and don’t think they should be held accountable.  We have become over burdened with more and more rules simply because these schmucks feel they are above having to follow rules.

What makes you or any of us any more important or makes you feel you have earned the right to be superior?  I’ll tell you what has, not a damn thing.  You want to be seen as someone special, revered, loved?  Earn it.  You get what you put out in the world, as it should be.  You are treated in the same manner you treat others end of story.  

Our society is clearly disassociated from respect, kindness and doing what it right.  It seems the more “Westernize” we get the less we care about the world and people in it, because the less out of touch we are with what makes us human, which is other humans!!

Same with political and religious views.  I really don’t care what you believe as long as you don’t push your agenda on me, or assume something must be wrong with me for how I believe.  If you are a good person and behave in a manner that one should if they are, I respect what you believe.  Your religion, political affiliation, sexual origin don’t make you a good person or even a bad one, you moral compass does. 

Life is about choices.  Life is about living in harmony not for any of us to show how much better we our than our fellow woman/man. We are where we are as a nation because there is no compromise, and no one wants to back down.  There is no working together just a drive to prove superiority. Every person for himself.  

Yes,  people pay it forward, and there are many acts of kindness but kindness starts with how you treat people in general every day.  Why is it so hard to be nice? I didn’t tell her she was wrong, I just asked for her to turn the sound off.  I was in an office not at a concert.  

This entitlement we as a nation feel we have is detrimental to our longevity.  Every great society that has become too great for their own good eventually has parished. Why?  Because they erroneously assumed they were untouchable and would triumph. History repeats itself and unless we change the pin holes that are forming will continue to grow and not only will it affect our great nation but it will damage our world far greater that it already has been. 
Even if what all the scientist and other professionals have stated is 100% wrong about where our planet is headed (and I do believe they are completely right), what is so bad about treating our home, Mother Earth like they are right?  I myself don’t care if they are right or wrong because doing the correct thing should be done because it is better for our plant and all the life on it. 

Make me kind of wonder if socialism or social democracy  started because of issues like we have now.  

Wake up people.  


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