Tapered at the End

This is a very busy time of year for me. All my summer jobs seem to have started at once!  Lol.  It’s all ok, it will just take some  exceptional planning on my part to ensure I get what I need done and that I don’t burn myself out. 

Actually I don’t might being overloaded like this.  It makes me feel strong and powerful knowing how well I can handle stressors and maintain an awesome mood and state of mind,at he same time feeling like I’m conquering the world. It’s as if I feed off of the work, which gives me an adrenaline rush, and more will and perseverance.    

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot sustain this kind of overload for long, but being able to do it and do it well gives me many feelings of satisfaction and real purpose – something to strive for. 

I have some great feelings of pride and accomplishment in myself knowing I’m doing a job well.  Every job (right now)  I have I like so I’m sure that helps, but truth be told I try to find joy in everything I do.  

I work with special needs children, in a school setting and at a summer camp.  I can’t even being to tell you how my day flies by working with them. I know I do an exceptional job, and I’m proud of that fact. I try so hard to connect with the kids. 

 I also pet/house sit and do landscape/ gardening work. I get a great sense of pride in the skills I have and that people like and trust me.  Especially the children I work with.  I can’t tell you how wonderful a feeling it is that I have the ability to make these children feel so at ease with me.  It builds me up and uplifts me to connect with them. To me that is real power.  

For the next few weeks my work load will not taper off. But really it isn’t all that difficult.  I just have to prioritize and pace myself and keep on striving for excellence. My own children, my jobs, the friends I have, really are all I have at this point in time. It’s all any of us have.  How we chose to respond to it, move though points in our life and advance is all we can do.  Focus on what brings joy, love and respect to our inner self.  

When we look back it isn’t perfection we want but love, fulfillment and to feel our life had purpose.  


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