Morning Triumph

Such a gorgeous morning.  Sunny, breezy, and cool. Well cool for what will turn out to be a 90 degree day later.  If I could somehow contain the pleasantness mornings with this quality achieve.  

My skin is cool to the touch but the warmth radiating past the breeze is a triumph.  The leaves rustle, birds chirp and are silenced as the wind hushes their song. Even with the wind there is a calm, malodous, almost hypnotic quality to the morning. Rays of sun cascade past the leaves donning light  intermeadeatly in a kaleidoscopic fashion. 

So quiet and peaceful, the charm held by the newness morning can bring has an infantile allure.  New, untouched much like a rebirth; I love the fresh ambient heaven like quality.  

I could sit all day absorbing the morning until the euphoria wears off, if it ever does. It is these moments I ponder how anyone could not see that Earth is heaven in all its glory. 

Then of course the kids wake up, and the quiet is replaced with the shrill thunder of there arguing.  Ah teenage daughters.  



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