There is something to be said for coming of age.  Milestones you reach, learning to  experiencing life and grow into yourself.  

Yet so much of adolescence is awkward and uncomfortable, and not to mention difficult to maneuver through. Very few of us can adapt and grow into finding ourselves as if it’s second nature.   

Our bodies change, our looks, assesses we have draw unwanted attention.  There are issues with ache, sweating, we judge ourselves for our lack of perfection, our inabilities or lack of confidence.  

The expectation we hold our youth to, without truly explaining how difficul adolescent is, I find deceitful to them.  It isn’t an easy experience, learning who you are, in a constantly changing body and upside down world.  We tell out youth it is normal, but when you go through it feels quiet abnormal and difficult. And what of the taboo subjects, how do they know that’s all normal to? 

 It isn’t until you learn from others who have experienced much the same things do you truly learn we are not as diffent as we often feel. For the most part we don’t learn these facts until way into our adulthood.  If only we knew sooner!

There is so much to adolescents we tend to forget when we become older that truth be told I think we forget how it feels, really feels to be a kid. Adolescents is extremely difficult. If kids knew sooner verses later it really is normal and nothing out of the ordinary is wrong with them, perhaps they would feel a bit more “normal” and more ok with who they are and less self conscious. 

Today two of my daughters were unlucky enough to experience one such transition into adulthood. Unlike many,  they will not forget this one.  It’ll live with them, forever, and not because it was so great. They had their wisdom teeth extracted this am. Oh the pain! I remember clearly how terrible I felt. My mouth hurt, I couldn’t swallow, the extraction sites were way past tender, and it was hard to eat.  I hated I couldn brush my teeth for a few days and that I felt terrible.  How miserable.

  I remember clearly how awful the experience was for me.  When I told people they were both getting there wisdom teeth out on the same day, I got wow that’s a lot. But a secret, I purposely schedule them on the same day.  I knew they wouldn’t fight and I would have a calm weekend! 

Adolescents is also a time for sibling rivalry, but not this weekend!  It’s a time for mom to enjoy quiet:) 


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