Who Wants a Fire?

Silent I sit

Watching the fire burn,

Orange and blue flames 

Spike up licking the wood 

In a playfully dance
Embers glow 

showing off the white ash

Looking into the flames

I feel the heat 

As it warms 

the tip of my nose 

And cool fingertips
Deep in though

The fire relaxes me

The cool spring air

Is a nice contrast,
A small gust of wind passes 

Feeding the fire

Sending off hot ash.
The wood continues

To dry up and burn 

A soft crackling sound 

Followed by slow soft pops follow. 

The air is filled by the hot sweet smell it gives off

So character in nature it cannot be mistaken.  
Self contained 

It will reach its peak

The flames will die off 

As they are replaced by glowing ash 


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