Death Look

  A brown patterned velour love seat couch was my makeshift bed, while at my Grandmothers house.  My brother Mike slept on the carpeted floor.  My mom spent long hours at Lilly’s side, frequently I did not see her for days on end.  Dad, he went back home, so he could work to pay the bills.

  The prognosis for Lilly was a dire one.  Making it the first 24 hours, the doctors stated would help determine where they went with treatment.  The medication, even though pumped from her stomach had been in her system where they didn’t know how much damage it did, nor would they until it made its way out. Right now they were just trying to keep her alive.  

  To prevent her muscles from atrophying, plastic cones were put in her hands, a cooling blanket was used to regulate her body temperature, a g-tube was inserted so she could be fed, a tracheotomy was placed in her neck for breathing, and she had a slew of other medical equipment hooked up to her keeping her alive.  It was difficult to see, the death like appearance she was in. 

  The first few weeks she had every conceivable test they could give, all to see if Lilly was still there inside her now nonworking body.  The doctors were grim and forewarned my parents Lilly was probably close to 98% functional brain damage.  We waited with trepidation for testing to be complete.  

  News came back better than expected. Only time would tell if she indeed would recover and to what extent.  Glimmers of hope slowly showed, still comatosed, Lilly would now move her eyes to follow movement and every now and then her findgers would move.

  More diagnostics tests were done and improvement continued, however Lilly was still comatosed albeit not as deep as she intially was.  The doctors had no clue what to expect, as she had blown away all expectations and continued to do so. My Mother would call with updates.  

  Across the street from Grandma’s was the park.  My aunt had taken me, and we were siting on the swings not really moving, but it was something to do. The park was quiet, save for the squeaking the swings made.  The sun had set some time ago. We were going to leave, but it was so lovely out, we just wanted to enjoyed the moment.  My Aunt said in an excited voice “Did you see that?” But I had just looked down.  “What?”  As she started to explain We both saw a burst of light off in the distant sky, and another.  Smaller versions of what my Aunt witnessed, three in total.

  Her and I were so excited by what had observed, we initially didn’t hear my Grandmother calling.  We gathered they were shooting stars. We were after all in the desert of Arizona.  Again my grandmother called us, this time with excitement and urgency in her voice.  My mom was on the phone,  Lilly had just come out of her coma.  It’s as if the shooting starts were a sign.  

  It was a miracle, an undenying miracle.  Those shooting starts were Lilly returning to us, the joy we all were feeling was immeasurable.  40 days in total and Lilly awoke, yet it was apparent the road back would be difficult.  But now there was hope and with hope anything is possible.


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