Art of Aging. 

There is something to be said for youth and the innocents beauty instills in us.  So often it is seen as perfection.  Truth be told innocents is not perfection and indeed has flaws.  

As I age I see how the softness of youth comes across as pure, a new beginning, and how it can and is desired. Our society makes it feel like that youthfulness is the ultimate key to happiness and true beauty.  Youthful beauty is fresh, just ripened to perfection and maturity, the optimal point of becoming ripe. 

Yes, there is something to be said for the exquisite perfection youth brings, the softness, that like spring rejuvenates your existence and makes you feel alive. It’s as if by globbing onto youth you will have the perfect life and happiness you seek. 

Media outlets have caused true beauty to be shunded and ideals to be unobtainable.  Even models don’t recognize their altered images.  The masses have unrealistic views of what can realistically be obtained naturally thereby creating issues with self esteem.  

We have created a cataclysmic image of what beauty should not be.  The idealistic view has warped the imperfections that make us unique and perfect in our own right.  The message we are sending is to love and accept who you are, but something is wrong with you and it must be changed. These duel meaning cause more doubt, insecurity, harm and are dead wrong.
Their is no turning back time to be what you are no longer.  No amount of procedures or beauty treatments will change who you are as a person or what living gives us. As a 47 year old woman I feel as time moves on, the inadequacy my age can make me feel. 

I do not mind aging, what I do mind is the way our society makes aging seem. It deems aging as if it is a disease that has to be corrected, fixed and looked down upon.  Aging is seen as a death sentence. True we all will die but what about the lifetime it takes to get there? 

I dye my hair and have since greying in my early 30’s. I don’t want to be seen as old, which means not valued, respected or treated as if I know anything. Don’t agree,  look at the messages advertisers send out, tv shows portray,  and touched up images show. 

In addition to coloring my hair I work out.  That in itself makes me appear younger, and I have tinkered with thoughts of plastic surgery.  That is a shocker to me, because I have always appreciate the aging process and have never had an issue with my age. However now I’m older I’m worried about others perceptions of me in a world that focus on youth. 

I now look in the mirror and the see signs of what growing in years has done. No longer is my skin as elastic, and smooth.  My youthful beauty has been replaced with a mature polished look.  From having children I no longer have the buff, flat stomach, (not that I ever did), I have aches and pains from how I have use my body over the years.  

I try hard to not feed into the notion that I need to change who I am because I’m aging. When everything in our society goes against what is right, how do you keep your perceptions from skewing? Really? Our society has to stop this idiotic way of projecting ageism and acting as if only youth is beautiful.  Aging is a normal healthy process of life and should be embraced and seen more for how beautiful it is.

I know there is a growing movement to cherish natural beauty at any age, however what needs to change is the outlets who push unrealistic, unhealthy images and pass them off as truth.  
It’s sad. The world; our society is more caught up with what’s not true or real and wonders why so many people suffer from depression and other mental heath issue.  It’s time to take control of our lives to make a stand, take off the rose colored glasses. Learn to be happy with life for what it is and the individuality we all share. Young or old it’s ok to be who you are. Don’t let doubt  of any kind creep in because someone else’s words, way of seeing their world doesnt match yours. It’s a ok to be who you are, like who you are, love who you are.  It is ok to be different in a world that wants us all the same. 


4 thoughts on “Art of Aging. 

  1. I just turned 46. I am heavier than I was as a younger woman. I, too, dye my hair. I have one deep wrinkle in between my eyebrows, but I feel I am more beautiful than ever. Maybe not to some people on the outside, but to many people (and myself) I am on the inside. I think I’ve aged well in that respect. I’m definitely a finer wine than I used to be.

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    1. In no way am I saying we all dye our hair because we are aging, just that we tend work on concealing our age so we don’t seem as if we are aging. I really have no issue with how I looked, just the fact our world is based on the look of youth and newness. I take care of myself and yes I too weigh more. I also appear to get than I am because of how much energy I have.
      In my belief our society has an unhealthy image of what youth and beauty stand for. It is all about acceptance.

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