A Cure for Anxiety

The night air is cool, pleasant 

I feel it seeping in through my window

And smell it as it fills my nose 

With the unmistakable scents 

Of outdoors 
Their is something calming and awakening

About natural surroundings.

Perhaps it is the culmination

Of the distinct aroma 

Or the green newness 
I do know it gives me energy

Has a hypnotic calming affect

I feel good in its embrace.
This time of year 

Makes me feel so alive

Just be the sheer fact

I can experience the mesmerizing effects

Bestowed upon me.
All the Complexity

Of fauna and flora

The essence of life

Has welcomed and embrace me
I feel calmer hearing birds,

Smelling plants,

Feeling wind on my skin

I love the sensation of the sun
As it beats upon my face
If I could bottle and sell it

I’m confident it would eradicate 

Anxiety, stress, and depression

And clear you to a confident state


2 thoughts on “A Cure for Anxiety

  1. If you could bottle it I’d be your first and best customer! This is exactly how I feel. We’re in that sweet spot of the year when I can sleep with the windows open—it’s not too cold at night, and not too hot for the air conditioners (I hate air-conditioning).

    This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

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