Radiate warmth and kindness,

Loyalty and love

Be willing to listen

Learn something new
Do not judge 

You’re not the jury 

Or a demi(god) –

With any ultimate rule
Who are you to decide

Someone else fate?

You may not agree

In choices that were made
Be aware,

you’re not superior

Someone else 

could look down there nose 

at little ol’ you 

What you reap 

you will sow 

Karma has a way
Be as giving, generous

Sincere, yes positive

As you’d wished to get
Learn patience 

Get to know yourself

In indiscriminating ways 

Notice and improve 
Upon your own 

flawed flaws

First and foremost

Don’t point fingers

Unless they point  

Your way

None of us are perfect

There in more

Than one right way 
Yes it’s easy

To be a judge

Than learn to accept

Or even understand

To any great depth
In the end

Differences are what

Makes us connect.
Make a point

To like and love

Who you are

You can’t begin

To show others

Or give 

what you don’t have
Secure a better life

Strive to be 

The lining 

In someone dark cloud

Show hope

Happiness, positivity all around



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