Slippery Slope

This, new beginning had been long over due.  She stood at the top of the stairs ready to descend, but butterflies filled her stomach.  She felt shakey and unsure if she could move when it was time.

What a whirl wind her life had become in the last year, she though. Everything she had to overcome to get here and yet, she was filled with uncertainty.  She was determined to make good choices, but was this one?

What if she was making the worst mistake of her life.  Her mind wondered off to when they had first met.  She wasn’t even looking, and yet, there he was, the meaning she so desperately needed in her work life.

The light turns on, and in that moment life becomes so clear and concise.  Looking back she could see all along this was the right choice.  But this kid was forcing her turning point now?  When it was time how would she make the descent?

It was her turn.  The butterfly’s where into her neck, but without thinking she walked up, grabbed ahold of the bar and sat down.

Pushing off she let go, closed her eyes and let the fear come up.  Of all places and things to have to do, to go down this tall water slide after her student, when she, Jillian was so afraid of heights.

There was no way she would show her student this fear, after all she was here to help him…


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