Should I Wake?

I woke to the sound of my second alarm going off -eh eh eh.  I looked at my phone in amazement, waiting for my eyes to adjust, hitting snooze, at the same time realizing I never heard the first alarm.  Looking at my alarms I realized I had indeed hit snooze for the first alarm, I was just to exhausted to remember. 

 I worked on gathering my moment to get myself out of bed, my body told me to close my eyes.  I knew if I laid back to relax at all, it  wouldn’t be good. I would fall asleep. 

I threw my covers off, propelled myself out of bed and gathered my clothes for the bathroom.  Boy was I glad it was Friday, even if it was cold and rainy.  

Back in my room I took out the hair dryer, flipped my head upside down and began to dried my hair.  I worked on my curly locks, relaxing as the heat worked it’s magic.  Feeling awake, and bam!  In disbelief I realized, I didn’t brush my hair!  

Knowing I was so tired I was proud of the fact that I remember deodorant, especially because I was out and used my daughters spray one. I grabbed my coat, keys and bag and headed out.  

A half a mile away from home the realization came, I DIDNT HAVE MY GLASSES. I had brought nothing to tie my hair up, and I needed to go to bed early tonight.  

This was so unlike me, however I figured I would make the best of it.  I looked into my disorganized bag, rummaging around for a hair tie, and gleefully pulled one out!  At least my hair would be out of the way!  

At work I was readily questioned as to where my glasses were.  I hate glasses.  So much so that for over twenty years I have been notorious for getting them and not wearing them after a short time. Now that I have gotten older I find I’ve run out of time, or sight!  To help me out, when I first got them Mrs. B was put on notice to keep me on my toes should I not were them.  

So when I walked into the room she was on me, “where are your glasses?”

I polked fun of mysef when I relayed what I had done. But at least I smelled good, and I was bound to have a good day!


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