Tomorrow:). Yes tomorrow. A special day.
It’s my youngest birthday. She’ll be 16. She doesn’t know it, but I’m giving her an impromptu surprise party.
I know that doesn’t sound out of the ordinary, really it isn’t. However to get her here was.

My youngest(H2) was always out going as a little girl. She would have articulate conversations with adults, was confident and outgoing. However, when she was in about third grade she would come to me and complain about treatment from others at school, cry when anything deviated from her comfort zone she had to be coddled.
I could tell something was happening, but at first chalked it up to the issues going on at home. Believe me those issues were enough to send anyone into a state of pandemonium. (The ex wasn’t rash, and you could tell by the things thrown at the walls). I know these experience shaped H2, I can still recall vividly some of her reactions and fully believe these caused many of the emotional problems she later had.

In fourth grade she was seeing the school counselor, very needy and complained say she felt off. Due to her age I took her to a psychiatrist. She didn’t really ask hannah anything important but prescribed hannah anxiety meds.

Fifth grade came, I remember her improving. Not sure if it was because at home was better or because she had a counselor. In any case she stopped taking the medication, she said it didn’t help. I assumed she feeling better.

H2’s sixth grade year went down for the most part not too bad. H2 had many friends


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