I’ll greet you with a smile
A hearty accolade 

Make you feel accepted

Ask you your name.  
You’ll want to talk to me

I’ll make you feel so good
I’m genuine and sincere,

Quickly you will see

As we get to chitchatting

You’ll be relaxed with me
Hospitality I’m good at

Actually great

You will open up to me,

Imagine that.
Someone you just met

Who can make your esteem soar

Reward you inner self

So you’ll come back for more
It’s a talent I’ve grown

Realizing what people want

Feeling special and good

Who doesn’t want that? 
 I’m a people person

I’ve learned a thing or two 

Im open and accepting 

I’m not here to judge you.  
In this world today 

We have enough

Selfish negativity, all or none

It the way
I choose to put my heart in

What ever I do.

I’m a model of ingenuity

Quick and spry 

Total team player 

Give me a try.  

Naw, I have a job I love:) 

Will you do the same for me?


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