The gift of a gardener

Peaceful.  It is so easy for me to get lost in the tedious work of weeding. I spent five hours today working the soil, pulling crab grass and other weeds.  The mass of weeds blanketed the long bed and was intertwined with flowers, so was quiet a bit of work to remove. Crab grass is the worst with their running roots. They go deep and far. If you leave even the tiniest bit of root behind you’re done.   

Creeping Charlie (not sure of it’s real name) is a vine that grows low to the ground in long runs. It has an off citrusy smell. These two weeds comprised most of the three -five by two and a half foot sections of bed I completed.  

In addition to weeding the bed, Plants were moved around to give the bed good flow. More will be put in when the homeowner decides what she wants/likes. I was hired to make her landscape look landscaped. In addition she is a friend and is helping me out.  

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is for me to be able to use my talents for someone who appreciates my love of gardening. She has no idea how much this is helping me and giving back to my soul. 

Since loosing my house the loss of my garden hit me devastatingly hard. I put so much of myself into what I created, it was a big part of me and I identified with it.

I had only a vision of what I wanted, (for years) in my head. So when we moved to our then new house, not only could I envision the garden, but I started to make it. With only an idea and a plan that was developing as I went, my garden became more than a dream.

Being able to work on someone else’s garden who is giving me free reign is a reward. I have no real parameters that I know of, so in many ways it will feel like it’s mine. I’m working on it like it is mine, putting my heart and soul into the space and I will love it like it is mine.  

I worked meticulously and steadily letting the work take me away. My mind was free and I was relaxed, enjoying the sensations of a beautiful spring day. I had birds come almost next to me, bees and insects paying a visit, a breeze that came and went, and the most lovely fragrances under my nose from all the flowers and plants.   

Gardening is hard work, but the payoff is well worth it. You have the ability to creat a space that brings all sorts of nature to your door, as well and bring serenity to yourself. The garden I created was a work of art and a gift. For the ten or so years my family resided there we had the pleasure of having a fox, skunks, owls, a plethora of bird, bees, butterflies, dragonflies and people come to see it. Kids loved the fairy garden and house, the perfect touch of whimsy. I’m sure we had more wildlife visit, as there was something there for everyone who stopped by.  

Gardening is a way for my to connect, with myself with nature, and makes me feel part of something good. That I have the ability to create such beauty, well it’s cathartic.   

I have lots of work ahead of me at her house, the weeds outnumber the plants. It’s all ok because in the end I’m the winner. Oh, so is she! 


One thought on “The gift of a gardener

  1. Gardening is so therapeutic. All of the stresses of my day melt away when I am minding my plants and helping out friends’ in their gardens. As someone who doesn’t have a plot of land fr myself, I love being able to help my parents’ out at their place .


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