Who are you? 

Here I stand,

In plan sight

Learning how to move past plight 

It’s taken time

To understanding

And lend myself a helping hand

I’ve look long, and I’ve looked hard

Learned to value myself

Remove your charm
I’ve grown

Rebuilt myself 

From the burden

You sacked me with
I will find 

what you 

have been looking for

Problem is 

you only have doors
They lead nowhere 

So you get lost 

I take my time 

Figure out what I want 
You were a problem

You had no clout

You didn’t care

Unless you went without
Problem was

When that was the case

The rest of us were living in disgrace. 
My doors have windows 

And through them paths 

On walls I see clean clear maps
So I can choose

What’s best for me

I’ll tell you it’s cost carefree
It’s a reasonable price

Unlike you 

Who’d sell your soul

For a dime or two
In the end it will be

Not a pansy ass heretic 

Who claims to be carefree 
I’m ok 

I’ve made a wise choice

As you can see 

I’ve found more than my voice. 



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